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SPRAY FOR LIFE® NanoMist® Supplements Are Different!

Patented NanoSynergy® “The combination of applied Nanotechnology with any compound, molecule, mixture or fluid to result in an end product of smaller particle size to yield greater efficiency, efficacy, activity or penetration without altering its atomic, molecular or chemical structure”.

When you step up to SPRAY FOR LIFE®, you get the latest Molecular Dispersion Technology™ with benefits far above any other dietary supplements.

- Increased absorption

- Increased bioavailability

- No swallowing difficulties

- Lower Dosing

- Increased stability and shelf Life

- No excipients (binders, fillers, shellac, wax, etc.)

The MOST technologically advanced dietary supplements available on the market today.

This 21st century formulation process is designed to maximize the nutritional ingredients capabilities, as nature intended. Now, you can get all this in these most popular proven vitamin supplement formulas. Once you try these great tasting and fast effective sprays, you will never go back to anything else again.

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